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36-frame Time-Lapse Sequence, 14mm rectilinear Ultra-Wide-Angle

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36-frame Time-Lapse-Sequence, 14mm rectilinear Ultra-Wide-Angle
illustrates incoming umbra before 2nd contact, & departing umbra near 3rd contact
- the umbral "edges" are detectable, but diffuse
- Venus is visible shortly before 2nd contact, throughout TOTALITY
- the brightening SW sky near 3rd contact (end of totality)

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18-frame Time-Lapse-Sequence, Corona Camera #2 [ 2nd contact ]
illustrates Bailey's-Beads & Diamond-Ring @2nd contact
- the "bottle-like" prominence on the NE limb
- the isolated beads
- the ring of beads along the arcs (you can barely perceive "humps"): this is due to the LONG exposure used.

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20-frame Time-Lapse-Sequence, 7.5mm fisheye lens
illustrates incoming/exiting shadow & varying sky-darkness @totality
- WATCH the W-SW horizon (upper right of frame), the azimuth of the approaching shadow:
it will be DARK @beginning of totality, and LIGHTEN @end of totality (the shadow exits)

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UNDER CONSTRUCTION: come back later, for additional TIME-LAPSE sequences: 2nd contact (LONG exposure version), 3rd contact (SHORT & LONG expsoure)