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You've got some great eclipse photos on your web site. I'd like to link from it from my 1998 eclipse reports page.. Fred Espenak ***** Thanks very much for sharing your images with us. We had a team in Curacao making coronal images with a high speed digital camera and a polarimeter. Your coverage allows our staff and the team members to see the entire event. Our research teams never get to view the eclipse because they are busy with machines. There are many overlapping structures in the corona; and because the corona is optically thin, they are superimposed in the images. You are correct in noting the faint outlines of the secondary structures in some of the exposures. High Altitude Observatory Boulder, Co ***** It is great to have somebody with a good expertise like you to work on the Carrabean eclipse corona (CEC). Incidently, I already saw your images put on the Web, etc. We were pleased to find that our prediction is ressembling the really observed corona ! At the moment I am trying to find some time to draw the structures of the CEC from many pictures available around and, of course, our own one made in Guadeloupe. Dr. S K ***** Your images are by far the best I've seen of this eclipse. Very impressive! They almost look like what we saw. Did you use a graduated neutral density filter to reduce the contrast? ... I'm very much looking forward to the rest of your images! BA, Lunar Planetary Lab ******** Your photos and videos of the eclipse...ARE THE BEST ON THE WHOLE WEB.... I SEARCHED AND SEARCHED...YOURS WERE SO GREAT THAT I SAVED YOUR WEB SITE IN MY "FAVORITE PLACES" FOLDER! YOU ARE A WONDERFUL PHOTOGRAPHER!! THANKS FOR THE EXPERIENCE! VG ******* I just wanted to drop you a note about your eclipse pictures. They are stunning! The composites shots are outstanding.... How did you do all this work and post so fast to the net?? Great JOB!! I too was on Curacao, near Watamula in front of the containers .. FXM ****** I was in Curacao on Knipp beach for the eclipse. It was spectacular! Your photo's are also spectacular and quite beautiful. .. AK ******** I viewed the total solar eclipse from the Paraguana Peninsula, Venezuela while on a birding tour. I was duly impressed, as were the birds. Your photos are the best that I have seen on the internet. .. KC ******** Will you give me permission to put some of your eclipse images on the KO-23 amateur radio satellite so that other amateurs around the world can see them? They are very beautiful! Thanks. DM ******** I am pretty interested in putting your images in the Image Galery of the Eclipse98 I have been doing. I've seen plenty of your images to be sure that are ones of the bests... RV ******** Gorgeous stuff. Thanks for the alert. We've added you to our solar-center eclipse page. TH ******** can't wait to see your outstanding material in *full* resolution ... and maybe I will soon: I happen to be the editor of a special issue on the 1999 solar eclipse for a German astronomy magazine.. DF ******** I wrote you earlier and have since seen your videos! Great!... BM ******** your photos are greater than ours!!!! ... Were you took that pictures? We were at Peninsula de Paraguana, in Venezuela, that's near Ponto Fijo. JI ******** Bob, Great eclipse shots!! That must have been awesome. How hard was it to lug around all that equipment? I've never seen a total eclipse, but someday, I'll Peter Ledlie [ noted Arizona astrophotographer ] ******** Yours is a very impressive record of the recent eclipse - it almost makes up for not being out there myself. I'm still recovering from Mongolia! RM Cambridge, England. ******** You're photographs gave me goose bumps. I am in Houston, Texas SK ******** Hi Bob, Congratulations! ...Great photographs! As your pages get completed you will have one of the greatest and earliest coverages of this event! We also had a great eclipse, the Webcast was visited by more than a million people, our server was overwhelmed. .. AV ******** Thanks, Bob, for the phenomenal images. Please let me know when and where I can get purchase some hard copies. Your Hale-Bopp images were the best on the net. -- KD ******** Dear Mr. Yen, Thanks for posting your exquisite photos of the eclipse I missed. KS ******** Great pictures, Bob! I'm looking forward to seeing more in the next few days. FB ******** I am preparing a cover for the Polish astronomical magazine "Urania". I am looking for some good quality pictures of yesterday's total solar eclipse and I have just found your web page. I have been amazed by your pictures of the other eclipses and I would like to invite you to present an example of your work. If you are interested to put your picture on the cover of the main astronomical magazine in Poland, .. KR ******** I was just browsing through your site on the eclipse - great job! I was on the 'Veendam',.. HS ******** Great photos of the eclipse, I took some in Paraguana. HA ******** I was in Aruba to observe the solar eclipse. I viewed your photos on the Internet today and was very impressed. DS