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Playa Mansalina (San Juan), Curacao

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Southern Cross/Coalsack + Eta Carinae Nebula along the Southern Milky Way (6x7 165mm lens)
Open Clusters IC2602 & NGC3532 are to the left of Eta Carinae (below & above, respectively)
faint red nebulosity IC2944 (around the star Lambda-Centaurus) is between the S. Cross & Eta Carinae
the "Coalsack" dark region is the bottom-left of the Southern Cross

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The Southern Milky Way (w/ Southern Cross + Eta Carinae) parallel to the southern horizon (6x7 105mm lens)
Note the mangrove tree in the foreground (right), & the outline of the landmass (left)
the Coalsack "dark" region to bottom-left of Southern Cross is visible

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